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Writer Jim McManus Plays Professional Poker

Jim McManus is more popular as a writer. But what a lot of people did not know is the fact that he has been familiar with the game of poker ever since he was a child. His grandfather was the one who introduced him to the game of poker, and the first poker games that he learned were five-card stud and draw.

Born in Manhattan, New York on March 22, 1951, Jim McManus obtained his undergraduate degrees from the University of Illinois Chicago and from the Loyola University Chicago. It was in 1974 when he obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Illinois Chicago, and it was in 1977 when he obtained his Master of Arts degree from the same school.

Jim McManus has written several fiction books, such as "Physical: An American Checkup," "Out of the Blue," "Chin Music," "Curtains," "Ghost Waves," and "Going to the Sun." He has written poetries as well, including "Antonio Salazar" and "Great America."

Jim McManus was also awarded the Peter Lisagor Award in 2001 for being an outstanding sports journalist. Aside from books and poems, he also writes articles for various periodicals, including "Harper's Magazine," "Esquire," "The Boston Globe," and "The New York Times."

With regard to the poker industry, Jim McManus is well regarded for writing the book "Positively Fifth Street: Murderers, Cheetahs, and Binion's World Series of Poker." It is about his own experience of traveling to Las Vegas, Nevada in order to research about the increasing number of women participating in the World Series of Poker, specifically in 2000. The book also talks about the death of gambler Ted Binion.

Jim McManus joined the No Limit Hold'em game featured at the 31st Annual World Series of Poker tournament that was held on May 18, 2000. He succeeded in defeating several poker professionals, including Amir Vahedi and Hasan Habib, in order to reach the final table. He victoriously emerged as the fifth placer, taking home US$247,760. According to this poker professional, he would not succeed had it not been because of the book "Championship No Limit & Pot-Limit Hold'em," by Tom McEvoy and T. J. Cloutier. So, even though Cloutier was one of his opponents in the final table, he was grateful for the knowledge that he gained from his book.

From that year to present, Jim McManus has always been visible at major tournaments, including the World Poker Tour and the United States Poker Championship. This poker professional also says that he sometimes plays online poker, especially if live poker tournaments are not providing him enough cash. Nevertheless, this poker professional comments that he will always choose live poker events over online poker games.

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