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Why Should You Bluff in Poker?

The way the Poker bluff has been mishandled in online play have led a lot of players to just abandon the strategy or result to other tactics like the semi bluff. But the truth is that it is still a vital component of any game plan, and as will be shown, can be useful in a lot of situations.

The first good time to bluff is when you are on the button. The flexibility that is afforded to you when last to act includes being able to represent Poker hands as being stronger than they actually are. While hands like AJ are usually mucked when under the gun or in middle position, this hand can be used to raise the pot when last to act.

This is especially true if the rest of the Poker table limped or checked. Stealing pots is therefore one of the best instances to resort to a bluff.

Other good occasions to utilize this strategy is when you are trying to create or change your table image. Players who want to give away the impression that they are aggressive or loose should bluff. With this approach, you can benefit in two ways; if they fold, you get the pot. If you get called and lose, you just lay down your hands and when the other players see it, you'll get called in the next hand.

Using the bluff to bet can be used to see the turn for cheap. A lot of players with marginal hands are hesitant to pay to see the turn, as the bets are doubled. But if you have the chance, then you can bet, and your opponent might check.

An important point to remember about the bluff is that its usefulness will be dependent on where you are playing. If you are in a casino, it is bound to be more effective. Most of the players there are tight aggressive (unless you are seated with tourists), making them susceptible to being bluffed.

Online, however, you need to be more circumspect in how you use it; most of the Poker players there are very loose, so chances are you will be called. This doesn't mean that you can't bluff on the Internet; you just have to pick the right game and table.

Bluffing in Poker is part of a winning player's strategy. The reason that it does not work out is due to the fact that it is misused. Misapplication of any strategy will render it ineffective, not just the bluff.

So the next time you play Poker, be sure to analyze the situation, and if its correct, bluff someone out of a pot. You will not just get the pot, but get under your opponent's head too.

Why Bluff in Poker?
August-07-2008 Thursday
Given the risk involved with bluffing, some Poker players now think that it is a technique that one can do without, be it in live play or online. However, for all the difficulty that comes with trying to pull of a Poker bluff, there are several occasions where it will be necessary.
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