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When playing Poker there are a few simple tips to keep in mind. These are not the rules of the game, and they aren't even strategy, but just a few simple guidelines to give you the best start as possible on this famous game.

Firstly it is important that you pace yourself with the size of your poker bets. When you bet all that you have all in the first hand, thinking that you will rake up the whole jackpot, you may be sorely disappointed and you will be forced to leave the game all too soon.

Secondly, remember that Poker is a games both of chance and of skill. You obviously have no control over the element of chance, but what you can do is increase the element of skill. Now, skill doesn't necessarily have to be only what combinations are worth what, but also the sycophantly of the game, when people are bluffing, how they will react to different wagers and bets.

In short, knowledge is power and it is important to understand all aspects of the game, otherwise your poker game will be dull, foolish and a waste of time.

Poker Manners
September-16-2006 Saturday
When playing poker, a player should exercise certain patterns of behavior which display courtesy towards other players and still strictly hold the rules of the poker game. These patterns of behavior can only be called poker etiquette.
Poker hands
July-16-2006 Sunday
Learn the hands that you could form in poker. This is what you need to learn before anything else in the world of poker.
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