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The Success of Susie Isaacs in the Game of Poker

There are only a few women in the field of professional poker. But no matter how few women are in the poker world, most of them are recognized for their remarkable achievements, which men did not think could be achieved by women. This is the reason why female professional poker player Susie Isaacs is very well respected in this industry. Her achievements are not typical achievements as she has been a holder of two World Series of Poker bracelets since the 1990s.

Born in Nashville, Tennessee on December 18, Susie Isaacs is one of those poker players who have been exposed to the game of poker early in life. At first, she was merely used by her older cousins to be a look-out so their parents would not find out that they were playing poker at a very young age. From being a look-out, Susie Isaacs developed her interest in the game and soon thereafter, she had started to join her cousins in playing poker.

At a very young age, Susie Isaacs knew that she very much wanted to play poker. She was so serious that she even sold her comic books to have enough money to play poker.

As she was growing up, Susie Isaacs was determined to play poker professionally. It was in 1986 when she decided to move to Las Vegas, Nevada to hone her skills and fulfill her dream of becoming a female professional poker player.

Determination is indeed the key to success because it was what made Susie Isaacs successful as a female professional poker player. In 1996, she was recognized as the first woman to emerge victorious in the ladies championship of the World Series of Poker. She won in the US$1,000 Women's Seven-Card Stud event, took home US$42,000, and earned her very first World Series of Poker bracelet.

In the following year, this female professional poker player continued to prove her seriousness in playing the game of poker. Susie Isaacs participated in the US$1,000 Women's Seven-Card Stud event once again and emerged triumphant for the second time. This time, this female professional poker player was able to take home a sum of US$38,000 aside from the second World Series of Poker bracelet that she won.

In 1998, this female professional poker player may have not won first place in the US$10,000 No Limit Hold'em event of the World Series of Poker. Nevertheless, she had the chance to place tenth.

Aside from playing poker, Susie Isaacs is also a well-known writer of poker articles in the "Card Player Magazine." This female professional poker player has also written two books about her favorite casino game, namely, "1000 Best Poker Strategies and Secrets" and "Ms. Poker: Up Close & Personal."

Well, this female professional poker player very well knows the true meaning of determination as it has allowed her to become successful in the field that she has chosen.

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