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How to Get Rich from Poker

Poker is a popular casino game that promises a world of fame and fortune to those who excel at playing the game. The top poker professionals win thousands and even millions of dollars by playing in major poker tournaments and in casinos. Even ordinary players can win a few spare bucks playing in online poker rooms.

Most poker players start playing the game as a hobby or recreation. Only a few people start playing the game for livelihood. However, many of these innocent hobbyists would turn professional after realizing the income-earning potential of playing poker.

If you want to play poker for a living, you should first learn how to play at a top level. It's easy to call yourself a professional poker player, but winning is another story. The top players of the game didn't become champions overnight. They worked hard, studied all they can and played for many years before they became very good players.

With the arrival of the Internet, there are more opportunities than ever to become an excellent poker player. There are countless articles, tutorials, online seminars, software and other resources that can help you improve your playing skills in poker - many of them free. Aside from that, many online poker rooms allow you to practice playing free poker games.

A successful poker career can be achieved through hard work, diligence, patience, discipline and persistence. If you consider poker only as a hobby that you play in your free time, it's extremely difficult to embark on a professional career. You must be prepared to invest most of your time in playing, studying and practicing. This is the reason why some poker pros quit their jobs to concentrate on playing full-time.

This doesn't mean, however, that you have to quit your job to turn pro. Unless you are very confident that you can feed your family and pay the household bills from your earnings as a poker player, then don't leave your job. If you know that your skills and experience can defeat the majority of poker players, that is the only time that you consider playing poker for a living.

If you are seriously considering a full-time poker career, it's advisable to first seek the advice of an experienced professional player. He can advise you on how to survive the competition in the professional circuit. If professional advice is not available, you can read a book written by a well-known poker player. Most books of this kind share the personal experiences and advice of the author.

A professional poker career is a glamorous lifestyle, where you can meet the best players in the game and make a lot of money. But you must do your research and study before you enter the professional arena. Be prepared for the long, tough ride, practice and study hard, and you can make a decent living from the game.

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