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Big Slick and Early Position in No-Limit Poker

What's the best thing to do with a big slick when we're in an early position in no-limit poker? Big slick is a high pocket pair but nonetheless we should know how to handle it in no-limit poker.

Early position or being an early player is being a player left from the dealer. There are three players immediately left of the dealer, and one of them is the early player or one who is "in early position," as they say in no-limit poker. When we are in the position of the small blind, this makes us the last actor or the last to make a move pre-flop. But when the flop is done, the small blind gets to act first in no-limit poker.

We are also the last to move prior the flop when we are in the position of the big blind. But when post flop or after the flop is turned we move second in no-limit poker. When we happen to be the third poker player left of the dealer, we make the first move pre-flop and the third to make a move post flop. Other players call this position as one "under the gun."

Now we're ready to cite an example in a no-limit poker game. Suppose we raise our AK from an early position and two players call. They both have position advantage over us. Before betting out we first check what's on the board. When there's no help there and we have a poor hand, let's hope the callers are also so situated. If the board has unsuited 723, and one caller has QJ and the other caller AT, the board may also be of no use to them.

But let's say the community board has unsuited QT2. Then we obviously need a J to win here, or maybe we use our A or K. Remember that we have 2 callers plus also two cards. Our AK is not the strongest hand here with QT2 on the board because the callers would surely have worthy hands to have called with.

When we have nothing on the flop and there are less callers we place a bet. But when more players are in the pot, we refrain from betting and just be contented with checking a bet or folding.

Thus, basically, being in early position we can play with a big slick by looking closely at what's on the community board before we dare to make a raise.

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