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Video Poker

You just can't get enough of poker, right? But do you need to practice your poker skills first? Or you simply want to play alone? Is that possible? It is. With video poker, you can enjoy the same excitement poker brings and much more!

Video poker features the same mechanics as in the regular poker. But in video poker, you are not going to compete with other players. A video poker player is playing all by himself with this slot machine-type of poker experience. All a video poker player needs is a coin, some knowledge in poker and a whole lot of luck.

The main goal of video poker is to get the highest hand in poker as possible, given the set of cards. In order to play video poker, one must, of course, have a basic knowledge of poker and the various combinations to form a competitive hand given the dealt cards.

The game begins once the video poker inserted a coin in the machine and presses the button "play". Cards will appear in the screen and the video poker player chooses the cards that he wants to hold. To hold a card, the video poker player must press the button that corresponds with the card of his choice.

Afterwards, the cards that are not chosen will be replaced once the "deal" button was pressed. New cards will appear and if a video poker player gets a winning combination, the computer will award him with credits based on the payout schedule. The whole process goes on again until the video poker player decides to collect his credits by pressing the button "collect".

In a real poker game, betting depends upon how much money each player wants to place in the pot. But in video poker, betting is straightforward and fixed to a maximum amount the player can bet. A video poker player can choose from $0.25, $0.50, $1, or $5 games he wishes to bet on. Then, he can bet 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, or 5x. The maximum amount a video poker player can bet is five times the amount of the game he chose to bet on. For example, a video poker player decided to play a $0.50 game and bets three times, he can win $1.50 if he gets a winning combination.

Sounds easy enough? You bet! A skilled poker player can win a lot of money in the long run with this game. While there is a substantial amount of risk and luck involved in video poker, this game brings out the adrenaline rush and the excitement one desires in a poker game.

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