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Poker hands

So you want to play poker, huh? Every poker beginner needs to first and foremost know what kind of hands he should aim to form. You should know what poker hand beats another to be able to beat your opponents.

The hand most poker players aspire to have is the royal flush. Royal flush is formed by having 10 to ace suited. This hand is very rare, and even the most experienced poker players rarely see this.

Next in rank is a straight flush, which looks like a royal flush, but not quite. If the royal flush needs to be from 10 to ace, a straight flush can be a lower succession of cards, say, 2 to 6, suited.

The straight flush is followed by the four-of-a-kind. Obviously, this hand is made up of cards of the same type, like four jacks or four 8's.

A full house is lower than four-of-a-kind but higher than the flush. Form a full house by having three cards of one type and one pair. A flush on the other hand, is formed when all five cards are of the same suit. An example of flush is 3,5,8,9 and king, all of diamonds.

The more common type of hand in poker is the straight. Even if it is more common than what have been mentioned earlier, it is a powerful hand in poker, and if you form this, you should go for it. Chances are, no one will be able to beat your hand.

Next in poker hands is three-of a kind, which is a full house minus the pair. Now, we go to the pair. A pair is what you would commonly get in poker games, but you can even go for the two pair. If you have a pair at pre-flop, scare your opponents by raising the pot.

Last in the list is the high card. It is the lowest poker hand, the weakest. A high king can be beaten even by a pair of 3's.

Now that you already know the poker hand rankings, you should not be over-concentrated on having the most powerful hand. The mark of a really good poker player is the ability to play not only the good hands but even the worst of hands. It is not a very good thing to brag about winning if it's just based on luck. Don't let your cards be better than you are as a poker player.

Poker Manners
September-16-2006 Saturday
When playing poker, a player should exercise certain patterns of behavior which display courtesy towards other players and still strictly hold the rules of the poker game. These patterns of behavior can only be called poker etiquette.
Poker hands
July-16-2006 Sunday
Learn the hands that you could form in poker. This is what you need to learn before anything else in the world of poker.
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