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Poker Manners

In every aspect of life, exhibiting desirable manners will open doors. And this applies to playing poker. A poker player which is pleasant and considerate will be welcomed by casinos and card rooms anywhere. Likewise, a poker player who displays obnoxious behavior may find some doors permanently closed on him.

Poker manners, however, is not as simple as it sounds. That is, a relatively nice person may not exhibit good poker manners. This is because being "well-mannered" in a poker game is not the same as exchanging pleasantries with other people. The main reason is that, in the poker environment, there is competition.

The poker player, therefore, must be consciously aware of the desired poker manners. Here are the two most important ones:

1. Do not delay the game

Time is crucial in all competitions, even in a game like poker, which may take several hours. This means that a poker player must be conscious about the time he spends thinking about what decision to make. If his poker opponents take an average of one minute before declaring to call/bet/raise/check/fold, the poker player should spend about the same duration of time.

A poker game can be delayed when one of the poker players splash the pot. That is, the poker player places his own chips into the pot. This action is considered extremely rude. The reason is of two-fold. First, in many occasions, poker players are strangers to each other. There is virtually nothing that will stop a poker player from placing chips that are less than what is required from him. And the only one who will keep the game honest is the dealer.

Second, to keep the integrity of the game and the accuracy of the pot size, the dealer will need to count the chips. And when a poker player splashes the pot, the dealer will need to carefully count all the chips in the pot. This will terribly delay the poker game. And the other poker players will be irritated.

2. Remember that a poker player who has folded is still part of the game

A poker player must keep in mind that though he has folded, he is still part of the game. To fold only means that he has no intention of placing more bets. Thus, there are three things to avoid while one has folded and the game is still going on.

First, the poker player must avoid carrying on a conversation with other players who has also folded. This can be distracting to the poker players who are still in the hand. Second, the poker player should avoid reacting to the community cards that are being revealed. His reactions will only give the poker player an idea of his cards. And third, the poker player must avoid showing his cards. This is often suspected as cheating. That is, the poker player who revealed his cards could be conspiring with another poker player who is still in the game.

Poker Manners
September-16-2006 Saturday
When playing poker, a player should exercise certain patterns of behavior which display courtesy towards other players and still strictly hold the rules of the poker game. These patterns of behavior can only be called poker etiquette.
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